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They are so good about keeping the system updated which makes my job as a manager much easier.

-- K. Merriman, Sound Medical Ctr

 The Velocity of Information

Great health information systems should not operate in isolation.

You are well aware of this if you've contracted for software and services from a variety of EMR, lab, hospital, inventory, and clinical equipment vendors.

Getting these systems to "talk" can be quite a challenge and often involves significant expense.

The Healthwind Practice Management System (HPMS) reaches out to other systems so you can choose among the best vendors as you build your system portfolio. HPMS exchanges a wide variety of information with connected systems. Our philosophy: shake hands with your neighbors.

With an interface, data such as patient demographics and appointment info can be seamlessly transferred from your Healthwind Practice Management System to a qualifying EMR, laboratory or electronic prescription program. Additionally, HPMS has the ability to receive billing charges sent from a supported EHR as part of a bi-directional HL7 interface.

Please see the left hand side of this web page for a list of EMR/EHR, lab, and ePrescribe vendors which Healthwind has worked with to establish interfaces for our customers. If you do not see your vendor of choice listed, please contact us so we can exchange and review interface specifications with that vendor to determine compatibility.